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Top Tips For Healthy Hair

Hello everyone, hope you are all well! Here are some top tips for healthy hair.

1. Brush your hair when it's dry

Brush your hair before you wash it.

If possible you should use a tangle teezer or a paddle brush, avoid using a round brush unless blow drying.

When hair gets wet the water swells the cuticle and stretches it out. Then when we comb the hair it stretches even more and doesn't stretch back which makes the hair weaker/ snap off over time.

The cuticle layer is supposed to be flat down protecting the cortex like slates on a roof.

2. Protect your hair from the elements (Sun/ Heat)

Use a heat protection spray when you are drying/ straightening your hair but don't go mad with products.

Try to dry your hair on a medium heat as much as you can, finish off on high heat if you think it needs it.

If you over saturate the hair then it will be harder to dry, it will take longer and you will be more likely to damage the hair too.

Use a UV protective product if you spend a lot of time outdoors especially if the hair gets wet.

3. Use masks on your hair once a fortnight and leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes.

You should try using a mask on your hair every 2 weeks to maintain the condition. This is especially important if you apply heated tools to your hair or have it coloured.

If you have a dry scalp then you should apply the mask to your scalp first whereas if you find the scalp gets oily quickly then apply it to the mid lengths and bring it through the ends before working toward the scalp.

4. Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair

Towels are great for absorbing moisture but can be damaging to the hair.