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Aveda - Great Hair, Naturally

When you wash your hair, do you use a specific shampoo suitable for you? Or do you use whatever is on the shelf?

There are many different kinds of shampoos with different jobs to do for example; some are designed to clean deeply while others are more gentle and moisturizing.

Aveda shampoos are cruelty free, high performing, plant based where some are sulfate free and the majority of products are Vegan.

We are proud to stock and use Aveda products.

How Important Is Shampoo?

Shampoo has many different benefits such as; cleansing the scalp, treating scalp conditions such as dandruff, treating a dry scalp and providing the best condition for hair to grow.

We all have different hair and so each shampoo will affect our hair slightly differently.

Which Shampoo Is Best Suited To Each Scenario?

If your hair is high-lighted/ tinted then I would either consider the damage remedy or the Colour Save range. Damage remedy will help with the maintenance of lightened hair and Colour Conserve will help maintain the condition and lock the colour in to reduce fade.

Hair feeling a little rough, static and dull will most likely be dry and so I would recommend the Dry remedy or the Nutriplenish Deep Moisture range.

A great all rounder shampoo would be Sap Moss, Cherry Almond and Shampure. These products are great for general use.

Going away in the Sun..? The Sun Care shampoo will gently remove salt, chlorine and sun screen from the hair and is one of a three part sun defence.

Scalp benefits is the choice for a removal of build-up on the scalp which can be caused by products such as waxes and hair sprays as well as dead skin cells.

The Be Curly range is great for those who like to 'wash and go' leaving hair naturally curly or drying with a diffuser.

For thinning hair, I would recommend the Invati shampoo which gently exfoliates the scalp to prevent a build-up capable of clogging pores. This shampoo is also one of a 3 part system which is aimed at providing the best condition for hair to grow.

Smoothen Infusion is aimed at reducing the amount of frizz with organic Aloe, Maize and Guar bean. It also weighs down flyaway hairs so is ideal for those with expansive hair.

The Men's shampoo is a good cleanser that is sulfate free.

Aveda Shampoo Ranges

Did You Know...

Shampoo can cause dandruff if you are using the wrong one for you.

You don't need to shampoo your hair twice unless you feel it's necessary i.e. it doesn't lather up properly.

Cold water makes hair look shinier.

If you are not sure about which shampoo is best for you or you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you.

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