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Welcome to Hair at Gilda’s!

For a decade, our family has poured heart and soul into crafting memorable hair experiences.


While the hair industry constantly transforms, our dedication to mastering every new trend, while cherishing tried-and-true techniques, remains unwavering.


In this salon, being family-run means every guest becomes a part of our family. Whether you're here for a bold new style or just a chat, know that you're valued.


Our Team.

Anna has graced the hairdressing world with her exceptional skills for over three decades.


With a passion that extends beyond the salon, she finds joy in gardening, where her love for crafting shapes blossoms among the foliage.


Anna's hands have the unique touch of turning both hair and plants into art.

Meet John, whose scissors dance to the rhythm of his unbounded zest for life.


His passion doesn’t merely rest in creating stunning hairstyles but bubbles over into every aspect of his existence.


With shears and smiles in equal measure, John infuses a vibrant energy into his work, ensuring every client leaves not just with a fantastic look but also a sprinkling of his infectious enthusiasm and joy.

In his 8 years of hairdressing, Robert has skillfully honed his craft in both cutting and colouring, always with an exceptional attention to detail.


His meticulous nature is evident in every strand he styles. Beyond the salon, Robert's passion for creation resonates with the same precision and care.


Whether sculpting a hairstyle or tweaking a colour, Robert's dedication to detail and design is unmistakable.

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